Skinny Love Co: Terms of Use

The following terms and conditions are applicable to all Skinny Love Co purchases made in store or online, at the website: General Skinny Love Co may vary these terms and conditions at any time. Variations will be advised by publishing a revised version of the terms and conditions on this website ( Please note that all matters relating to refunds, cancellations, and changes of address must be communicated via email to [email protected]

  1. Order Cancellation / Change Requests In most cases, products are shipped within 24 hours of online purchase (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). Order cancellations or changes of address must be requested within this timeframe to be eligible for a refund or address change. Please note, if a customer has already received an email notification of shipment, they will not be able to request an order cancellation or change of address.
  2. Guarantee Terms
      a) Skinny Love Co is obliged to ensure that all products are safe and in a satisfactory condition, up until the point of delivery. Skinny Love Co reserves the right to refuse the issuing of an exchange or refund for change of mind or dissatisfaction with the results of the products.
      b) This guarantee covers a full refund (including shipping costs) should the product not meet the required standards for a satisfactory product. This standard is limited to correct labeling, full and complete contents of the order, integrity of the packaging, and no contamination of the product.
      c) Skinny Love Co ensures delivery to the address provided at the time of purchase. Should the customer fail to provide the correct address to Skinny Love Co, subsidiaries or delivery services shall be in no way liable or required to issue a resend or refund.
      d) Delivery of the product outside the advised shipping timeframe is not grounds for a refund, as Skinny Love Co is not liable for local postal delays. However, if the product is not received within 2-7 business days after the shipping timeframe for Australian residents, or 3-15 business days after the shipping timeframe for customers outside Australia, it is at the discretion of Skinny Love Co to offer a refund of the shipping costs on a case by case basis.
      e) Should the product be deemed to be in an unsatisfactory condition by the customer, the customer is required to photograph the product in a manner that shows evidence of the unsatisfactory condition of the product, and/or a refund request must be issued by the customer and mailed with the corresponding product to the following address: Skinny Love Co Pty Ltd Unit 26, 5B Curtis Rd, Mulgrave NSW 2756
  3. Waiver
      a) Following receipt of products, customers have 14 days to notify Skinny Love Co of any issues with the product. Refunds will not be issued if the customer notifies Skinny Love Co of an issue with the product more than 14 days after it has been delivered.
      b) It is the responsibility of the receiver to check the integrity of the product and packaging if a refund is to be requested.
  4. Refund Request Process
      a) To request a refund, the customer must immediately contact Skinny Love Co via email on including the order number and contents of the order.
      b) If a complete refund is requested, this cannot be issued between the time the package is sent and the package is received. If a refund is requested before the package is sent, it can be accredited to the original Paypal account or credit card account without any fee. If a refund is requested after receiving the product and it meets satisfactory standards, no refund will be issued.

For further questions regarding the use of this guarantee or the order procedure, please contact the Skinny Love Co customer service team at [email protected] before requesting a refund.