One woman’s mission to help babes look and feel radiant, the natural way...

Meet Amy. The boss babe behind the Skinny Love Tea brand, she’s a health and weight loss coach, fitness model, and mumma to three gorgeous kids. Pretty awesome, right? But there was a time when things weren’t quite so rosy.

A few years ago, Amy was at rock bottom. Depressed, sluggish, constantly battling with her weight, and pouring that extra glass of wine a little too often. Sound familiar? Let’s be honest, most of us have been there. Tired of feeling like crap and all the BS that goes with it, Amy decided to take back control of her life.


Simple Changes, Amazing Results

Studying health and fitness, she found that making simple changes to her nutrition had a massive impact on her health and her happiness. Before long, she was feeling strong, empozwered and confident - so much so, she entered and won a bikini model contest!

But there was still something missing in Amy’s quest to feel freakin’ awesome. And the secret turned out to be in the gut. By showing her digestive system some love through clean eating and cleansing her system, she realised she could take her health and vitality to the next level.


Creating a Better Cuppa

Amy found that herbal tea cleanses were a great way to detoxify her system, boost her complexion, and improve her mood. But the problem was, the teas on the market just weren’t cutting it in terms of effectiveness and taste. So she decided to work with a naturopath and create her own tea blends that ticked all the health boxes while tasting goddamn delicious. And yep, you’ve guessed it, that’s how Skinny Love Tea was born!

From detoxifying and cleansing the system, to helping with weight loss and giving skin an amazing natural glow, Skinny Love Tea now helps babes around the world look and feel radiant, inside and out.





We called in the experts to make sure our teas offered a range of proven therapeutic benefits. From boosting metabolism to calming the nervous system, our naturopath-approved tea blends will get you back to feeling awesome and ready to kick ass every day.

Delicious Tasting

No matter how great the results, no one wants to drink something that tastes like crap. Luckily our tea blends combine incredible, health-boosting benefits with heavenly flavours your tastebuds will love. Our teas taste as gorgeous as you babe!

Amazing Results, Inside and Out

We’re on a mission to help babes like you look and feel amazing. That’s why our teas are the best of both worlds - cleansing and detoxifying for your insides, while helping you look radiant on the outside. It’s a win-win!

Natural and Organic

You care about what goes in your body. All our Skinny Love Tea blends are lovingly made with natural, organic ingredients, completely free of any processed nasties (yuck). So you can enjoy all the benefits of our amazing teas knowing they’re beautifully natural.