The anti-diet detox tips

on October 28, 2019


Every summer as you contemplate slipping into a bikini there is barrage of articles that grace magazine pages and clickbait headlines sprawled across the internet preaching the next fad diet! But what if this summer you took a different approach to your health, and tried the anti-diet detox tips that actually work! 


 Add rather than subtract

It’s basic maths! Instead of depriving yourself by removing a bunch of foods from your diet that you ‘shouldn’t’ eat, try adding in more of the foods that you should i.e more leafy greens, gluten free grains, nuts, seeds and lean proteins. And sure if you want to keep eating junk you can, but adding in the nutrient-dense stuff first will mean that there’s less room for it, and you might even surprise yourself by not needing to reach for the chips, once you get a good meal into ya!


Eat bigger portions... 

… of the right foods. If you like to eat (god knows we do) then think about how huge you can make a delicious salad compared to the size of a bowl of pasta. Have both if you like just make the pasta entree sized and the salad sumo sized. There is zero reason why you should be starving when trying to be healthy. 


Skip breakfast, if you want. 

 Outrageous, we know, but did you know that skipping the first meal of the day and fasting until lunch is actually super beneficial for your health and may result in weight loss and improved overall health? It’s called intermittent fasting and although there are a bunch of different ways to go about it, the most straightforward way is to fast for 16 hours everyday and then eat in an 8 hour window. 16 hours might seem like a long time, but the truth is you’re asleep for most of it. A good example would be finishing your last meal of the day at 8pm, not eating again until 12pm the next day, and then finishing up all meals for the day by 8pm that night. Totally doable right? Plus you can switch the times around to suit your lifestyle. You might prefer eating between the hours of 11am and 7pm, or 10am & 6pm. 


Eat more fat

 This one has been around for awhile now so if you’re still reading diet books that ask you to cut fat out, put that book down pronto. Fat is not the devil! In fact, eating good fats may help you actually lose weight! The best thing about eating fat is that it’s so filling so you don’t even need that much in order to feel satisfied. Fill up on good fats like nuts & seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado and ghee. 


Do the 28 Day Detox Program

 Shameless self promotion, we know, BUT our 28 Day Detox Program is an effective reset for your system that will not have you feeling deprived like other detox programs and all of the recipes are actually delicious (not bland), clean (not restrictive) and wholesome (not just low calorie). PLUS when teamed with our Morning Boost and Evening Cleanse teas the program will have you feeling healthier and more radiant from the inside out. 


Swap coffee for our Skinny Chai

 We love coffee! It’s true! But too much coffee can create havoc with your adrenals, cortisol levels and anxiety. We’re not saying you have to stop it completely, but replacing at least one coffee a day with our Skinny Chai (made with dandelion root) will totally change your life! Okay maybe not change your life, but you sure will thank us for it. Not only is it delicious but the dandelion (which has the same earthy richness as coffee) is a great liver cleanser (coffee is not) and will help your body get rid of unwanted toxins, the very definition of detox. 


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