Tips to Boost Your Workout Willpower, Fast

on October 28, 2019

We all know the amazing benefits that even a quick workout can bring us. We feel fitter and healthier, our energy levels are boosted, and our mood and wellbeing naturally improve.
But when the time comes to get off the couch and get active, it can be a struggle to find the motivation to actually put your plans into practice - especially when you’re a busy babe with a million other things to fit into your day.
If this sounds like you, we promise you’re not alone! So, to help get you pumped for your next workout, we’ve put together some quick tips on how to increase your motivation and get inspired to smash your fitness goals. You go girl!

Switch to a positive mindset

You know that feeling when you’re trying to decide whether or not to work out, and all of a sudden your brain lists all the reasons why you shouldn’t bother?! It’s full of excuses like, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I don’t have time”, or “I’m too tired”.
We get it. But the good news is, if you switch up your thinking and start focusing on the benefits that working out will bring, you’re much more likely to convince yourself to do it. Next time you’re faced with a “workout dilemma”, try shifting to a positive mind-frame and focusing on positive statements like:
“I’ll feel so much better once I’ve done it”
“It’s only half an hour - it will be over in a flash!” “It’ll be one more workout done before my holiday”
Bonus tip: Try keeping a list of reasons to work out in the Notes section of your phone so you can take a look anytime you’re feeling unmotivated.

Be super-prepared

When it comes to working out, half the battle is in the preparation. In other words, the less effort you have to put into getting ready to work out, the more likely you are to actually work out!
Whether it’s keeping your gym bag packed and handy to grab, having your workout gear laid out the night before, or leaving your running shoes by the door so you don’t have to dig them out of the cupboard, small actions can make a big difference in upping your motivation to get active.

Find your workout inspiration

Motivation and inspiration go hand in hand. If you struggle to find the willpower to work out, think about what inspires you to get fit and active in the first place.
Maybe it’s a photo of when you were in great shape and felt amazing, to remind you of what you want to achieve? Or perhaps it’s a picture of the beach resort you’ll be holidaying to in a few months? The fact is, it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it works for you.
Try keeping your inspo snaps in a prominent place so they can work their magic on your motivation - stick them on the fridge, pop them in your purse, or display them by your laptop.

Grab a workout buddy

 Let’s face it - getting fit is more fun with friends! And if you’ve got a workout partner to share the pain (oops, we mean gains!), it makes it a whole lot easier to get motivated to blast through your routine.
If you’re finding it difficult to get pumped for your workout, why not call on a friend and arrange a joint fitness session? It could be anything from going for a run with a girlfriend, signing up to group personal training with your partner, or hitting a spin class with your bestie.
Everything in life is better when it’s shared with the people you love - and that includes working out!

Set your goals

Having clear goals in place for your workouts makes it much easier to stay committed to your fitness routine. And while most of us have long-term fitness goals like achieving a target weight or fitting into a certain dress, the most effective way to keep yourself on track is to break these down into smaller steps so you can make steady progress.
Setting yourself weekly or even daily goals - such as a target amount of time spent working out or a certain number of workouts per week - can be a great way to keep yourself motivated and ensure you stick at it, even on those days when you’d rather stay in bed!
A little advanced planning goes a long way too, so map out your goals beforehand and be sure to schedule in your training times in advance so you have a clear plan for your weekly and daily sessions.

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