Time for ‘Me Time’! Our Guide to Making Space for Self Care

on October 28, 2019

Be honest - how often do you take some proper time out of your busy schedule to focus on yourself? Whether it’s having a bubble bath with candles and essential oils, curling up on the couch with your fave reality TV show, or taking a yummy keep cup of Skinny Love Tea to the beach and enjoying a quiet cuppa - dedicating a little time to ourselves is essential to our wellbeing.
But when life gets hectic, it can be all too easy to put self care on the back burner. That’s why we’ve put together a few simple tips for babes who need a break but never seem to get around to it. Put your feet up, grab a cup of tea, and check out our list of tips for making sure you get the self care time you need...

Book in some me-time

We’re serious - actually book the time in your schedule! All too often us busy babes forgo our essential downtime because, well, we simply “don’t have time”. But if you block off some time in your diary for this exact reason - just like you would for a work meeting or social event - you’ll create space for the all-important task of switching off.
Whether it’s a morning tea break or an evening to yourself while your partner takes care of the kids’ bedtime, locking in some scheduled time just for you can help you make sure you prioritise your wellbeing.

Create daily rituals

Self care doesn’t have to be a big fancy affair. Sometimes, it’s the little moments in our otherwise busy lives that allow us to reconnect with ourselves and take a break from the craziness.
A great way to create these moments of calm is to focus on little rituals that make you feel good. It could be as simple as going for a walk, reading your book, or putting your feet up with your fave Skinny Love Tea blend!
Whatever it is, the idea here is to do it mindfully and consciously, reminding yourself that this is your time to turn down the volume on everyday life and enjoy a few moments just for you.

Find your creative passion

Do you have a particular hobby that you love doing but never get the time to indulge? Maybe it’s painting, candle-making, learning a language, or playing guitar - anything that lets you lose yourself in the activity and gets your creativity flowing.
Dedicating time to a creative pursuit you enjoy will help give your ‘me time’ a sense of purpose while letting your brain focus on an activity that’s different from your usual day-to-day tasks. Don’t have a hobby yet? Think about a skill you’ve always wanted to learn and get going!

Get out of the house

While there’s nothing wrong with using your downtime to watch Netflix on the couch, you’ll see a lot more benefit if you combine switching off with getting back to nature. Being outdoors has a huge range of positive effects on our physical and mental state, including reducing stress, boosting energy, and helping us feel more focused.
Whether it’s a weekend hike through a National Park, spending some time at your local beach, or sitting at your favourite al fresco cafe soaking up the sun and fresh air, we guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot more refreshed and recharged if you incorporate Mother Nature into your self-care sesh.

Mix it up

Variety is the spice of life - and it can also spice up your self care! When it comes to switching off and taking a break from your daily routine, throwing something different into the mix can help keep you inspired.
Remember, this time is all about connecting with your inner passions and giving yourself space to just be you - away from all your other responsibilities (as a friend, a mum, a daughter, a colleague - the list goes on). So why not...give Pilates class a go...try your hand at surfing...or take that pole dancing lesson you’ve always wanted to try? There are no rules babe!

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